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Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Daddy's Better Than Bill Gates' Daddy!

My daddy is better than Bill Gates' daddy and you wanna know why? Because my daddy knows that government preschools are pits of despair. They strip little kids of their childhoods and indoctrinate them with p.c. garbage designed to turn their minds to mush and make them obedient to the state. My daddy would never think of making me go to preschool -- and he sure as hell wouldn't presume to tell anyone elses mommy or daddy that they should send their kids to government preschool prisons.

Bill Gates' daddy, on the other hand, is on the board of directors of "Thrive By Five" the propaganda-puke-spewing, preschool-pandering Washington Early Learning Fund.

Bill senior got this gig through his Microsoft son who heads The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that is now in cahoots with Hewlett Packard and the government-school-industrial complex to establish government universal preschools and universal colleges. They want to control the "schooling" of the masses from P-16 (that's preschool through college) to create a workforce that also consumes 24/7 for the global economy.

William H. Gates Sr. (Billy's dad) had this to say,

"I've arrived at the critical importance of early learning late in my life...I
now recognize how critical the early years are in preparing children for future
success at school and into adulthood."

Is old Bill suggesting that he was negligent in sending young Bill to preschool? If so, how is it that young Bill didn't wind up in prison, destitute, and on drugs, as Bill senior's preschool party-line predicts for those who don't go to preschool? It's a figggin' lie, that's why!


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