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Preschool, preschool

To the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star...

Preschool, preschool--how I fear
Leaving Mommy, crying tears.
Can't you see that I'm a mess
Three years old and full of stress
Preschool, preschool--Mom, it's why
When you leave, I always cry

Preschool, preschool what a scam,
Do you know how bored I am?
Ditch the letter of the week,
Can't we just play hide-and-seek?
Preschool, preschool what a joke
One more day and I may croak.

Preschool, preschool don't you find
Life is more than circle time
Learning colors - red, green, blue
Let's just play, I'm only two
Preschool, Preschool can't you see
I belong on Daddy's knee

Preschool, preschool I am four
Standing at the K-12 door
English, math, and science tests
Are you sure that this is best?
Preschool, preschool there's the bell
One more day of preschool hell

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