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Announcing New Website: Tykes On Trikes

Press Release

Stop the War on Toddlers

Don't let them send us to preschool prisons!

One size does not fit all children. Government needs to stay out of preschools.

Join the Preschool Boycott scheduled for Tax Day, Monday, April 15th!

You've heard what politicians, teachers, big business and law enforcement have to say about Universal Preschool.

Now it's time to hear what we, the preschoolers themselves, have to say!

TykesOnTrikes.com is a website where we kids have our say -- and just in time to stop our legislators from making a mistake that will harm young children and future generations.

After decades of research, scientists and child development experts concluded that...

Children who have been in extended daycare and preschool programs have:

  • High levels of stress
  • Poor work habits
  • Inferior socialization skills and peer relationships
  • Substandard emotional health
  • Higher levels of obesity
  • Lower grades and standardized test scores
  • And are more difficult to discipline.

And yet, uninformed legislators may pass a law making government preschools available to all!

Preschool-For-All? Hell no, we won't go!

We are going to do what adults should have been doing all along — protect all tots and demand a better quality of life for preschoolers in liberty and freedom through...

The Preschoolers Bill of Rights

with 20 inalienable premises including...

  • Preschoolers have the right to a happy childhood.
  • Preschoolers have the right to have parents who have not been intimidated, invalidated, and undermined by so-called experts who fill them full of diaper-doo about how they are incapable, unqualified, and unprepared to give their child what he or she needs.
  • Preschoolers have the right not to attend preschool!

We invite you to:

Visit Tykes On Trikes at http://TykesOnTrikes.com and don't keep us a secret!

Link to us, blog about us, forward this email to everyone you know!

Thank you!

Sandy Vester
Media Relations
Tykes On Trikes