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Preschool Boycott!
Tax Day: April 15th!

Hell NO! We Won't Go!

Toddler expressed outrage at being forced into preschool... as he yells, "Hell NO! We Won't Go!" in front of the California State Capitol Building

Tots Abandon Circle Time and Demand
NO Taxes Be Spent on Universal Preschool

Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2013, 8:01 a.m. PST

Sacramento, CA (UP) -- California preschoolers are calling for a massive boycott of all preschools on Tax Day, Monday, April 15th, demanding more time at home with mom and dad. Tired of being prematurely pushed out of their homes and into classrooms where regimented academic instruction has stunted their intellectual, social, and emotional development, tiny tots will utilize a statewide "Tantrum-In" at 8:00 a.m. PST on April 15th to get their message across to voters -- The Preschool-For-All Act is prison-for-all.

Stop Preschool Hype!

"Stop the preschool hype!" one pint-sized demonstrator shouted at his parents as he hurled his sippy cup across the kitchen. "Don't you know that there is overwhelming scientific evidence that I learn better through imaginative play right here at home with you?"

Today's announcement came shortly after the National Institute for Early Education Research released a report estimating the state would get back $2.78 for every $1 it invests in the preschool program. Those findings echo a similar study by the RAND Corporation. The activist group Tykes On Trikes (TOT) insists the reports ignore contrary data by California's Legislative Analyst, and are skewed, biased, and paid for by proponents of Universal Preschool, teachers' organizations that stand to gain from institutionalizing little kids.

A spokes-toddler for the group went so far as to claim that; "Publicly funded preschool-for-all programs are a feat of social engineering to groom human resources for corporate profit and guarantee jobs for teachers. They have nothing to do with what is best for little kids. Plus they keep saying universal preschool will be voluntary, but there is nothing voluntary about having to pay your tax dollars in support of universal preschool."

Preschoolers Demonstrate

Preschooler demands the President abandon his plan for Universal Preschool.

Institutionalized Children Harmed

Citing studies compiled by Stanford University's Hoover Institution research fellow, Mary Eberstadt, in her book, Home Alone America, as well as results from the recent PACE study by U.C. Berkeley researchers, and a call to action by the Alliance For Childhood to stop academic instruction and testing of preschoolers, the diminutive representative warned that, "Institutionalizing young children can damage them psychologically, emotionally, socially and physically. That damage to children extends to the society at large.

Collective research from child development and brain research experts provides overwhelming scientific evidence that contradicts the distortions prevalent in the popular media that preschool is good for kids. The experts have concluded that a nurturing home life full of imaginative play will foster initiative, intellectual curiosity, social empathy, and self-esteem resulting in a happy child with a life-long love of learning."

Disgruntled TOT's Wreak Havoc

Tykes on Trikes hit the streets in demonstration against universal preschool.

Tykes on Trikes hit the streets in demonstration against universal preschool.

One mom in Marin, distraught after her child smeared bubble gum all over her school clothes and hair so she wouldn't have to go to preschool, called 911 for advice. A rescue team was dispatched with peanut butter to clean up the goo. Reporters, alerted to the dispatch, requested an interview with the tiny demonstrator who said, "Preschool is a stupid, boring waste of my time. I just want to stay home and read storybooks cuddled in my mommy's lap." With tear-filled eyes, the mother cut short the question-and-answer session saying, "Thank you all for coming, but I'm going to read to my daughter now."

Parents all over the state are reporting similar incidents of disgruntled tots refusing to attend preschool. After a morning of reading stories, going for walks in the neighborhood, and baking cookies together one parent in Fresno commented, "I had forgotten how much fun it is to spend time with my child. Her natural curiosity drove our morning -- we read, learned about nature on our walk, and I even taught her about measurement when we were baking! Maybe she doesn't need public preschool after all."

PUP Stages Group Tantrum

PUP member joins group tantrum

PUP member joins group tantrum

Members of the more moderate group, Preschoolers Unhappy with Preschool (PUP), staged a small, impromptu group tantrum at a local park in Orange County today. Children refused to share their sandbox toys until their parents' agreed they didn't have to go to preschool. PUP representatives Kaitlyn and Ethan, applauded the parents decision not to invoke disciplinary measures against the protestors. PUP also issued a written statement complimenting parents for their "graciousness" in dealing with today's demonstration.

Parents were so delighted after experiencing the profound joy of spending time with their own children, they formed a group of their own, Parents United for Preschoolers (PUP), where they, and other experts, espouse the benefits of imaginative play and parental involvement.

The official "Preschool Boycott" will take place on Tax Day, Monday, April 15th. TOT representatives chose to protest tax dollars being spent on government subsidized preschool-for-all programs. Said one young protestor, "I encourage all of my fellow tax deductions to boycott preschool."

TOT Recommends

Parents seeking ideas on what to do with their preschoolers on April 15th can get free, fun activities that encourage a love of learning in the first five years of life by visiting any one of the following websites:

Tykes On Trikes, in solidarity with preschoolers throughout the state of California and beyond, hope to end the senseless practice of institutionalizing young children, beginning with the Preschool Boycott Day on April 15th.